10 Indispensable Modern Kitchen Design Inclusions!

Modern kitchen design is all about spaciousness, functionality, style and aesthetic appeal. A modern kitchen design should be sleek and streamlined and will have minimalist features, open spaces, simple colour palettes, and offer a clear area to work, dine, relax and entertain.

Significance of Good Kitchen Designing 

It is imperative to design your kitchen in a user-friendly way for you and your family. The design should be flawless and facilitate to perform of all kitchen chores with ease, provide convenient access to storage, have adequate safety when using appliances, sufficient storage, enough space to move around etc.


Here are the Top 10 Inclusions that a Modern Kitchen Design Should Possess:

1. Kitchen Cabinetry

A variety of material choices exist for constructing custom cabinetry, which includes solid wood, wood veneers, MDF, laminates, plywood, particleboard with melamine, stainless steel, as well as, aluminium and PVC. However, MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) widely used material to construct custom cabinetry these days. MDF is a high-grade composite material fabricated from recycled wood fibres and resin.

Regardless of the kitchen design you choose, be it modern, traditional, transitional, Shaker-style or French provincial, having convenient and functional cabinetry matters. Therefore, choosing kitchen cabinetmakers who are there for a long time will make sure that you get the most out of your kitchen overhaul without hurting your pocket.

2. Kitchen Drawers

Under-cabinet kitchen drawers will help you organise things easier. And it will save you time from searching for small kitchen accessories inside your deep cabinets. Besides, kitchen drawers are handy and easy to use.

3. Kitchen Cupboards

Give a professional touch to a kitchen design by assigning vital cupboard space. Depending on your use patterns, your cupboard layout should be designed and organised. 

  • Place items that you use together, next to each other, which will facilitate handy use. 
  • Place items that you often use where you can easily find it, so you don’t have to bend down to get it. 
  • Organise your spice collection so they are easily noticeable, helping you to improve the way you use your kitchen. 

Get creative with your kitchen cupboards and see if you can make it more convenient so you can enjoy doing your kitchen chores. An expert kitchen designer can help you install a custom kitchen cupboard system that facilitates you to use your available cupboard space to the maximum effect.

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4. Under Cabinet Lighting

Appropriate under-cabinet lighting is required for lightening and brightening up the kitchen. It acts as a task light during food preparation or clean up and looks visually appealing.

5. Double-Bowl Kitchen Sink

A double-bowl sink will help free up the valuable kitchen counter space and assist in multitasking between cleaning fruits and vegetables and rinsing dishes. If you have the kitchen space and budget, you should add a double-bowl kitchen sink for added convenience.

6. Kitchen Splashback

Ensure to select for kitchen splashback that acts as the focal point and can withstand a lot of heat. Even choosing a glass or plain metal sheet as your kitchen splashback will make an excellent option as it looks sleek and is easy to clean and maintain.

7. Pull-Out Kitchen Pantry

Pull-out units are perfect for luxury kitchens having deep but not wide enough space. For example, the area between your kitchen benchtop and the refrigerator is ideal for creating a pull-out pantry. Thus, you can make good use of the available space by customising the unit for spice racks, baskets for vegetables and fruits, etc.

8. Walk-In Pantry

Constructing an easy-to-access and spacious walk-in pantry is an excellent part of your kitchen and the best way to clear up space for all other features. And it will help you better organise your kitchen and provide you space to store all your tinned food and even benchtop appliances. With an array of stylish options, you can make your kitchen space more elegant and functional.

9. Kitchen Island

The kitchen island has become a centre of attraction and a hub of the kitchen. A kitchen island serves multiple uses, including food preparation, storage and dining. If you have ample space in your kitchen and a budget for a kitchen island, then there is no reason why you should not add it for extra convenience.

10. Modern Kitchen Appliances

Modern kitchen appliances are energy efficient and can save you time and money. They provide added features and are more durable and user-friendly than traditional kitchen appliances.

The Bottom Line

If you want to build new or renovate your existing kitchen design in Sydney, then you can consult with a professional kitchen designer or a reputed kitchen designing company to get the best outcome.