6 Ways to Wear Shirt In A Debonair Way

6 Ways to Wear Shirt in a Debonair Way! With a little creativity and the knowledge of how to play with colors and accessories, you can make your trusty blazer the mainstay in any set of attire whether you’re dressing up or down, or going to a formal event versus spending time on the completely casual get-together. The magic of this piece lies in that it is like an icebreaker: every ensemble depends on it and gives your outfit a subtle put-together feel – after all, who doesn’t stare at someone when they’re wearing an eye-catching blazer? Outfits may be deceptively simple but it only shows your keen understanding of color coordination (which still requires some effort)! Blazers are the wardrobe workhorses – respect them!

6 Ways to Wear Shirt in a Debonair Way

1) Day-to-day office wear

Dressing up for the office should never feel like a drag. For a sharp, yet comfortable office wardrobe, consider adding a black blazer to your collection of white Stylish shirts for men dark slacks, and lace-ups. If you’re worried about wrinkles in your shirt or jacket sleeves getting bent out of shape, we suggest choosing slim-cut jackets made with sturdy materials that will help keep you looking crisp even after an entire day at work!

2) Boardroom meetings

As you’d agree, boardroom meetings are about a lot more than getting the job done at hand. First and foremost do what it takes to present your credentials as a team player – and emotional intelligence can go a long way! A sharp navy blazer is just the thing to make sure that you project confidence while staying professional while coordinating trousers in black or grey will help provide an air of maturity. Consider adding a maroon tie in a Windsor knot that injects some color, coupled with a pocket hanky and jeweled cufflinks which add to your style points! The final touch is going sockless and coordinating your tie, men’s printed shirts online, and footwear without fail.

3) Date-night

On date night, it’s important to appear stylish yet casual so as not to come off as though you’re trying too hard. A classy grey blazer is a great way to add some sophistication when other elements of your outfit are simple. Wear it over black jeans for a combination that maintains a relaxed yet elegant vibe. Accessorize with tan moccasins or loafers for a polished look with an earthy ambiance. Choose a perfume and watch that suits your personality and remember: minimalism can go a long way.

4) Weddings

Wedding fashion requires a combination of romance and elegance in your attire. If you don’t do well with Indian clothes, you will draw attention if you are wearing a blue blazer that is midnight blue in color. Bring out your inner fashionista by pairing it with dress pants of a matching hue and a powder blue French shirt. To add an extra element of dressiness to your ensemble, opt for solid silver cuff links and a pocket square that matches the braid of your tie. If you decide to wear shoes with laces, choose either a pair of patent leather Oxfords or Derbys that slip on or tie up easily.

5) Clubbing

If you’re going out on the town, you want to look your best while remaining as casual as you need to be during that time of day/night. A denim blue blazer with a classic cut is one important main ingredient for your style wizardry this evening. The combination of it and a graphic T-shirt and slim-fit cargoes in taupe will give you a comfortable outfit that also looks really good when you’re watching everyone dance the night away together. Now, all that’s left to do is spice up your cool clubbing outfit with a big dial watch in silver and add some woodsy perfume to create that perfect blend.

6) Traveling

Before you take a trendy blazer for a trip, know how warm the place is getting to be. It can be August but you’ll need a blazer before Christmas in New York or if you’re going to Sydney for the holidays you should think about whether or not you need to layer up to beat the chill. If it’s colder, choose fabrics like wool to suit such climate, and if it’s a warmer climate then maybe pick one out of cotton or linen instead. To layer your cold-weather blazer, wear a black hoodie underneath with flat corduroys or twills that won’t mess up your style while adding comfort under colder temperatures. Wear warm socks with loafers OR go with canvas sneakers with soles that are dotted with color and remember to always dress for the occasion!


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You don’t have to wear a tie to be debonair! With these 6 tips, you can always look your best!