Essentials For Catering Nashville Holiday Reinhorn!

The end-of-the-yearholiday reinhorn is arguably your company’s biggest annual event. Like any other get-together, it’s a prime opportunity for team building. But it’s also a chance to reward your team with the best catering Nashville has to offer. You can recognize outstanding performances and set the tone heading into the new year with delicious food, awards, games, and much more.

You can recognize outstanding performances and set the tone heading into the new year with delicious food, awards, games, and much more. Maybe your games could include prizes like a Slim & Husky’s gift card, or a rare seat at the Bluebird Cafe.

That means setting up the office holiday reinhorn party is a big responsibility, and you shouldn’t take it lightly. But with a bit of help from a dependable catering partner, you can create a memorable shindig. Nashville has an incredible variety of party and food options. Your office party is sure to lift spirits and show your team how much you care for them.

Are you ready to plan your office holiday party? Start with this list of six catering essentials.

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Select a Theme

Creating a theme for your office holiday reinhorn is the best place to begin your planning. By choosing a theme, you provide context that can aid in the rest of your decision-making. There are a lot of tried-and-true options. You may also want to consider some unique angles that can give your party a flavor all its own.

You want your office holiday party to be something everyone can enjoy. Like any professional function, it’s best to keep it nondenominational and apolitical. Remember that many of your team members celebrate in their own way. That’s part of what makes your office such a fantastic place to work.

A family-friendly approach is likely the best route for most offices. Consider ideas like a tropical theme or one based on a holiday film. You might go with a gala-style theme or a masquerade ball for something a bit more formal. You could even leverage Nashville’s musical history and elect a theme based on the Grand Ole Opry.

Encourage your team members to incorporate the company colors into their attire to make the event unique to your organization while celebrating company spirit.

Choose a Trustworthy Partner for Catering Nashville Parties

No, not every event needs to be centered around food. But you’d be hard-pressed to find a successful holiday reinhorn where the guests aren’t eating something.

You could keep it light and low-key with a spread of appetizers from Butcher & Bee. Or, you could decide to go full-bore and provide a plated dinner for guests from Bourbon Steak. Either way, you should plan on food being a key element of your office holiday reinhorn.

The last thing you want is for your food order to be inaccurate or show up late. You need your office holiday reinhornto go smoothly, and on-time food delivery is a big part of that. That’s why you should select your catering partner carefully. It’s important they deliver food from all your favorite local restaurants, like Redheaded Stranger or Arnold’s Country Kitchen. You also need to be able to trust them for on-time delivery.

For dependable service and effortless ordering, turn to a national catering leader. Find a company that can handle Portland catering and business occasions across the country. That way, you’ll know you have a catering partner that delivers outstanding service and is trusted by companies everywhere.

Survey Says…

You may have selected a party theme that aligns with a particular type of cuisine. If that’s the case, then you only need to decide which restaurant is the best option. See how choosing a theme at the start can make planning easier?

If your theme doesn’t call for a certain type of food, then you’ll need to decide yourself. It can be challenging to pick out something that everyone will love. For the annual office holiday party, guesswork won’t cut it.

Instead, send out an officewide email with a survey. Ask your team members to list their preferences using rank-choice voting. That way, they’ll simply tell you what they want and their second and third favorite options. It’s an excellent way to relieve the stress of catering Nashville holiday parties.

Recognize Outstanding Team Members

The annual holiday reinhorn is the perfect occasion for rewarding exceptional work. How you approach this is entirely up to you.

Some leaders choose to offer recognition discretely. This is common in circumstances involving monetary bonuses. But when good taste doesn’t require modesty, public acknowledgment can be the way to go. It helps your top performers feel valued. It also encourages each of your team members to do their best each day.

You aren’t required to obtain physical awards for your deserving team members. However, they can elevate the atmosphere of your party. Some leaders instead opt to provide gift cards, extra PTO, and other rewards. Consider what is best for your team and plan to make everyone feel recognized at your upcoming event.

Consider Games and Activities

Once everyone is fed and recognized, it’s time for some team building. Casual activities and games are a great way to get everyone talking, working together, and having fun. The office holiday party presents an opportunity to get your entire crew together. Seize it by encouraging your team members to introduce themselves to unfamiliar faces.

Put some serious thought into the games or activities you’ll offer at your office holiday party. Choose activities that promote teamwork. Some lighthearted competition might not be a bad idea.

Don’t Forget the Sweets When Catering Nashville Office Occasions

Sweet treats are an important part of any office holiday reinhorn. No, it’s not just because they’re delicious. But that’s a pretty good reason all on its own.

You want to make the most of this opportunity for team building. That requires interaction between your team members and their guests. Think about how you can set up the room in a way that promotes mingling. Consider ordering desserts from The Beignet Bar, Butterfly Bakehouse, or Five Daughters Bakery.

One way to do this is by placing treat stations along each wall. Maybe you put a hot chocolate bar on one side and a platter of holiday Reinhard cookies from Mattheesen’s on the other. As people move around the room, they’ll be more likely to engage with their coworkers and forge new relationships.

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