How to Convert Excel Contacts to TXT?

Looking for a reliable way to convert excel contacts to TXT? If yes, then remove all your worries now as this article is provided by us. In this blog, we will show you all the ways to convert Excel worksheets to TXT files. Here we present two methods, automatic and manual solutions.

“Hello! I have some Excel contacts for my windows based system. I just received a new device from the company for use. Now I want to change the Excel contacts to TXT format. Can anyone tell me how to convert to Xls?”

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Overview Excel Worksheet With TXT

Microsoft Excel is a computer software for creating spreadsheets. A table is a list of numbers or data. This file can be divided into rows and columns. Each line represents a document. Columns indicate the type of data in the column.

On the other hand, the text shows only the first text you send to someone you want to meet, such as a client, colleague, vendor, or network connection.

Manual Method to Convert Excel Contacts to TXT Format

MS Excel has a default “Save As” option that allows Excel files to be saved as TXT files instead. Now to perform this task export Excel to TXT as below.

  • Choose to Start MS Excel on your computer
  • Now click “File” and select “Open” to add the Excel file
  • Select the Excel file and click Open to open the file
  • Click the “File” menu again, then click the “Save as” button
  • Now select the TXT format option
  • Finally, click “Save” to save the XLSX file in TXT format.

Disadvantages of the Manual Method

The manual process discussed above to convert Excel files to TXT format works but has some limitations. For example, for users who have less than Excel files, it is possible to convert to TXT format, as in this model users must save the files one by one.

Also, this method cannot provide accurate results in full text, which means you can lose honest information in the process.

Automatic Solution to Export Export All Excel Contacts to TXT

SysTools Excel Contacts Converter Tool is one of the best solutions among all the software available in the market. It allows you to convert an unlimited number of contacts from Excel to TXT format at once. This tool provides full XLSX to TXT conversion. Allows you to convert XLSX and all its contacts to TXT. In addition, the trial version can transfer 10 people to one Excel sheet for your convenience.

This tool allows you to convert XLSX and XLS contact files to TXT format with all formats and fields without any extra effort. This tool provides a demo version so that you can try the tool for testing.

Complete Steps to Convert Excel Contacts to TXT Format

You can convert XLS to TXT easily with this software. Therefore, we will show you step by step the process of converting Excel files to TXT.

  • First of Need to Download and Run the automatic Solution on your system

Convert Excel

  • Now run the software and click Browse to add the Excel file

Convert Excel

  • Once you have added files to the software, you can view them

Convert Excel

  • In the next window, select the TXT radio button under Export Options

Convert Excel

  • You can create a text message for each contact

Convert Excel

  • Select the target location to save the created file

Convert Excel

  • Select the automatic chart option to show the fields

Convert Excel

  • Lastly, Select the Export button to export the Excel to TXT format.

Convert Excel

The Best Features of the Recommended Software

This software has important features to convert Excel files to TXT format, some of which are discussed below. See:

  • Batch Conversion of XLS to TXT Format: This tool shows the Add Data option to add multiple Excel files at once. Users can easily add one or more Excel contacts to the software panel. After that, users can convert all XLSX/XLS files to TXT format.
  • Converted TXT File is Compatible With Many Platforms: This software converts various XLS files to TXT without data loss. After migration, the converted files can be exported to various web editors such as Notepad++ and others.
  • Convert XLSX to TXT: Users can use the automatic drawing option to convert an Excel file to TXT format. In addition, users can easily change the Excel contact list. Also, users can convert XLSX/XLS files without manual intervention.


In the blog above, we discussed the best solutions to convert excel contacts to TXT. If you have many people in Excel, you can try the manual process. On the other hand, the solutions make it possible to export thousands of contacts from Excel to TXT without any problems. This software is useful in solving all problems related to Excel to TXT conversion. Also, the tool has a free demo version, so download the utility for free and see how it works.