How To Convert Excel File To HTML Format?

 Have trouble and stuck converting Excel files to HTML? Many users are stuck in the same situation. In this guide, we cover the best technique to solve this query, file format, using several workarounds. Read this article carefully to get a perfect and fast conversion.

What is an Excel File?

This is a Microsoft Excel workbook that contains all the important information on every worksheet in the workbook. This includes both format and content. It also includes additional features such as charts, graphs, and more. Excel organizes data and performs mathematical operations.

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What is HTML?

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. It is a design and development web language. With the help of HTML, we can give any website a normal look and feel. Using HTML, we can easily add text, images and other multimedia files to web pages.

Some Important Things to Remember While Converting Excel to HTML

When using Excel’s Save for Web feature, it’s important to understand how its main function works. This is to avoid the most common mistakes and error messages. The following sections provide a brief overview of the options you need to pay attention to when exporting Excel to HTML.

  • Supporting Information and Hyperlinks:  As we all know, web pages often contain images and other supporting information, as well as links to other websites. When you convert an Excel file to HTML, the data and associated hyperlinks are automatically managed and stored in supported formats. Therefore, the first rule is to always keep your web pages and support files in the same place, otherwise your web pages will not be recognized.
  • Converting and Saving Web Pages: In theory, you can save the Excel workbook as a web page, then open the web page in Excel, edit it, and finally save the data again. However, sometimes, some Excel functions stop working. Therefore, it is always recommended to keep the original Excel workbook updated and update the workbook. First, save the Excel file as a workbook (.xlsx), then save it as a web page file (.htm or .html).
  • Automatically Republish Web Pages: If you select the Auto Republish option in the Publish as Web Pages dialog box, the web pages will be updated every time you save your Excel workbook. This option is useful because it always allows you to keep the current online version of your Excel worksheet and allows you to easily export Excel to HTML format.
  • Excel Functions are Not Supported on Web Pages: Unfortunately, some useful and popular Excel functions are not supported when converting Excel calls to HTML. These include custom customization, data handling, color settings, and more. Therefore, it is important to be used with great caution.

Reasons to Convert Excel File to HTML

Some problems often occur when exporting Excel calls to HTML.

  • The text has been truncated or incomplete.
  • Text always appears at the bottom, not at the top or center.
  • A common problem is a broken link when converting an Excel file to HTML.

Convert Excel Files to HTML Format Using Manual Process

As mentioned above, Excel saves its data in XLS format, which is not supported by any application. In this section, you will find the conversion process for exporting Excel files to HTML.

  • Firstly, you need to open your Excel data file


  • Then open the option “File” in the left corner
  • After selecting the selected file, the save as option will appear


  • In this step, select the HTML type option from the list


  • Finally, Select Save to complete the conversion process.


Excel XLS files are intelligently converted to HTML file formats. However, this guide has limitations. In the next section, we will talk about the disadvantages of the book process.

Disadvantages of the Manual Process

As mentioned above, in this chapter we discuss the disadvantages of manual methods. The above will help you convert your Excel file to HTML, but will also show some problems and errors in the process.

  • You must have Excel installed to use this solution. Conversion would be impossible without Excel.
  • This tool can only export one file at a time and cannot convert multiple files to HTML at the same time.
  • There is a significant risk of data loss and damage to data integrity.

Automatic Solution to Convert Excel File to HTML Format

If you want to convert only one file, you can use the solution, but if you have many files to convert. Then you can easily convert your Excel file to HTML format using the professional recommended Excel Contacts Converter Tool. This software has some great features such as the ability to convert Excel files into various formats such as HTML, TXT, PST, etc. You can convert multiple files at once without errors and without needing Excel. This tool provides an automatic drawing option for the data map, but you can also map the data.

  • Install and select the file you want to add, just click Add File

Convert Excel File to HTML

  • Preview selected files

Convert Excel File to HTML

  • Select the HTML option to convert the selected file to HTML format

Convert Excel File to HTML

  • In the next step, select the Excel field and Export data to an Excel report

Convert Excel File to HTML

  • Select the Export tab to complete the process.

Convert Excel File to HTML


That’s it, my friends! In this article, we will show you the best techniques to convert Excel files to HTML format. Above we discussed various techniques for exporting Excel files to HTML, as well as the disadvantages of manual solutions. To overcome these limitations, we also provide automated techniques to complete these queries and conversions.