Important Tips On Starting A Carpentry Business

Maybe you’re already in the carpentry industry, or you could just be starting out in your career as a carpenter. Earlier on in your career, a lot of what you earn will be commission based. If you’re an independent contractor, then you’ll need to take charge of your carpentry career by yourself.

Initially, it might be harder to come across jobs. Over time, you’ll come across trustworthy people who may seek out your services. Before this can happen, you’ll need to build your reputation first. Eventually, when you have enough clients, you may want to start your very own carpentry business. This will enable you to work for more clients, and find greater success. But starting a new business is anything but easy. The good news, however, is that the construction industry is only expected to grow.

This means that you’re very likely to find success if you decide to start a carpentry business. But the process of building a successful carpentry business is anything but easy. Here are five tips that can help you, if you want to start a carpentry business.

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1. Writing Your Business Plan 

When you want to start any kind of business, the first thing that you need to do is create a business plan. You should invest both time and effort, into making your business plan, even before you start looking for jobs. This helps you understand where you want your business to go, as well as what professional goals you should strive towards.

First, think about what kind of carpentry business you want to start. Are there any areas you specialize in? Do you want to work in any kind of niche market? Having general carpentry skills is great, but if you have specialized skills, then getting hired may be easier.

Your business plan will comprise various sections. The first of these sections is the executive summary, where you’ll be detailing the mission statement of your business. You’ll also need to provide a company description, as well as a market analysis. How you’ll organize and manage your business should also be included, alongside what services you offer.

You’ll need to create a marketing strategy for your business and chart your financial plan. At the end of your business plan, add an appendix. This is where you can feature your supporting documents, like credit histories, patents, licenses and permits, reference letters, and other documents.

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2. Building Your Brand

Before you can get a steady stream of customers for your business, you’ll need to build your brand first. For this to happen, people need to be aware of your business. This is why you’ll need to market your business to your target audience.

You’ll also need to think of a business name, which can be tricky. The name of your business is something that people should be able to easily remember. It also needs to be unique enough to be remembered. People are likely to forget a brand name that’s too complicated, or that’s unrelated to the business.

When you know what you want your business name to be, get it registered as well as trademarked. Also get a logo designed for your business, which you can add to your business cards as well as your advertisements.

3. Get Necessary Tools As Carpenter

Important Tips On Starting A Carpentry Business

Ideally, you should have the best quality tools that are available for your trade. This will help you to be more efficient as a carpenter. Of course, you’ll need the basic tools, such as a chisel, a drill, a hammer, and more. But you may also need specialized tools, especially if you offer specialized services.

You should also consider getting a trustworthy truck or van, that can help you transport your equipment and employees, to your work destinations. If you have your business logo and details printed on the side of your truck, you can advertise your business every time you take your truck out for work.

Another thing you should consider is investing in carpenter’s cover. Working as a carpenter exposes you to various risks, such as getting sued by unhappy customers. If you have carpenters cover, then you’ll have coverage that helps you protect not just your career, but your finances as well. If you would like to learn more about carpenters cover, then click here.

4. Create Your Marketing Plan

You’ll need to create a marketing plan, that helps you reach your target market. Having a website is an important part of this process. Consider hiring a web designer to build your website, to make it look professional. Add your contact information to your website, and also provide a form that people can fill up, to get in touch with you.

Your marketing plan is likely to change, as you figure out what works for your business and what doesn’t. Don’t worry about changing your marketing plan, but keep what’s working for you.

5. Build An Online Presence 

Most businesses today have multiple channels that they use to reach their customers. Not only should you market your business traditionally, but you’ll need to have an online presence as well. Note that more people are using the internet today than ever before. This means that when people are looking for a carpentry service, they’re likely to search online first.

Have a blog built for your business, where you provide useful information about your industry. You should also have business social media profiles, that people can use to get in touch with you.


Starting a carpentry business has never been easier, but you’re likely to find more competition in the industry as well. What can help you stand out against your competition, is your marketing strategy. Build an online presence for your business, and also advertise locally as well. From your local newspapers to work listings, let people know that you offer carpentry services.


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