The Initial Things that you should bring into Knowledge of your Divorce Lawyer

The Initial Things that you should bring into Knowledge of your Divorce Lawyer

In most places, attorneys practicing divorce law offer their clients their first free consultation.  Meeting for the first time, people often judge if the attorney is suitable for them and if they decide to proceed, present the divorce attorneys with initial information regarding various matters relating to marriage and divorce cases. In such cases, it is suggested by Madison divorce attorneys to bring forward some of these things that will help you in the initial proceeding.

A note of all your Properties and Debts

You need to inform the lawyer about your assets and debts, the only ones that you have individually and the ones you have in sharing with your spouse. You should make your position clear if you want to avoid being divided after divorce By bringing everything to the lawyer’s attention, they can strategize how to calculate things.

Make a Note of your Income and Expense Declaration

You will need to make your lawyer aware of your income and expenses and that too of your spouse. This will speed up the lawyer on seeing where you stand and what can be the future after the divorce.

Checklist of Questionnaires you want to ask your lawyer

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed is normal. It is the first time that you meet with a lawyer. If you make a list of questions you want your lawyer to answer, you will be able to find your ground and know exactly what to expect. Any doubts or questions you might have will be cleared at the first meeting itself.

Any Evidence of Abuse

You should take photos and record audio and video. of abusive incidents if you are in an abusive marriage. In cases of abuse, the dynamics are completely different, and you must share every detail with your lawyer.

Information about the other party

Bring all the information you have about your spouse. Include their employer, initial consultation, pay stubs, and information about their personality and what is harming your marriage. Inform your lawyer if there is a history of mental illness that your spouse might have had.

Hopefully, these pieces of information will help the lawyer draw a picture of your condition and help them in strategizing your case