Outfits For Wedding Guests: 5 Reasons Why You Should Wear A Green Tie

It’s fun to celebrate another milestone of a friend’s life, especially when you’ve seen all the heartbreaks and achievements they went through. So now, it’s time to support them to the next chapter of their life.

Since it’s one of the best days for your friend, you should prepare for it. Usually, weddings have certain instructions when it comes to the attire so you should make an effort to follow them. However, you shouldn’t worry as most of the time, it’s just about color coding.

Furthermore, it’s a privilege to witness two people saying their vows to each other. So it’s advisable if you’ll do your best to dress up for the big event!

Green wedding ties are perfect for any theme as it comes in various shades and materials. So it can be bright or dark, depending on what you need. However, if you’re having some doubts about buying green ties, then you should check the list below!

1. You’re required to wear something green

Green wedding ties can be one of the most requested additions to guests’ attire, especially for casual weddings. If you’re going to look for wedding photos online, you’ll find a lot of green-themed weddings that feature green ties as the pop-up color.

Usually, lighter shades of green are a great choice for casual weddings while darker shades go with a more formal setting. So whether it’s casual or formal, green wedding ties will never let your outfit down.

Besides, if it’s indicated in the invitation that you need to wear something green, then it’s best to opt for green ties instead of a green suit. Moreover, it’s easier to find the former compared to the latter.

2. It’s a garden wedding

Wouldn’t it be nice if you coordinate your outfit with the season and the venue? Garden weddings usually consist of pastel decors and attires. So if you want to easily blend in with the celebration, you should wear a green tie!

We suggest the shades around light olive and sage, but you’ll still need to figure it out based on the actual theme of the wedding. And if you have the option, you can also wear a pair of socks, a pocket square, and a set of cufflinks in the same shade of green. Furthermore, you will instantly blend with any bridesmaid’s dress and the overall picture.

On the other hand, if you’ll going to wear a colour-coordinated outfit, make sure there’s a seamless transition. If the outfit is not well-coordinated, the overall look might end up having a weird vibe.


3. Green means peaceful

The couple may already know this, so you should, too! Weddings can be filled with traditions and superstitions, which include the underlying meanings of color motifs. Since green is a calm and peaceful color, there’s no doubt that it’ll bring good luck to the wedding and the couple.

Aside from that, green can easily match eco-friendly yet aesthetically-pleasing motifs. So the wedding can include recycled papers for the invitations, reusable decorations, and other eco-friendly alternatives.

Meanwhile, even though the wedding’s eco-friendly, there are also a lot of ways to make it look sophisticated and classy. You’ll be surprised to see how green can be a part of something romantic and magical.

4. Green goes well with many colors

As mentioned before, green can be paired with lots of things to create a classy celebration. For instance, if the venue has a color scheme of green, brown, and gold, then you can wear a white undershirt, green tie, and black suit.

Keep in mind that when you’re mixing colors, you shouldn’t wear all-dark pieces to create a more sophisticated look. Moreover, wearing a lighter-colored piece of clothing will be pleasing to look at.

Are you still clueless about finding the best colors to match your green tie? Green wedding ties can be paired with pastel colors with pink, purple, or red undertones. However, you can just try on your chosen combinations until you find the perfect match.


5. You can use it again

Just like any other plain ties, green wedding ties can also be used for other occasions or even at work. If you opt for pastels, you won’t have to worry about finding an outfit to pair it with. Simply neutrals can make your green tie a perfect pop-up color.

In the end, buying green ties for a wedding is not a bad idea since you can still use them in the future. Moreover, it’s a great addition to your tie collection, especially if you don’t have many variations.

Do you still have enough time to prepare for your outfit? Then just take your time in picking the right pieces that’ll go together. If you have some tips about picking the right outfit for weddings, you should share them by leaving a comment below!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Aliana Baraquio is a former Training Assistant who now spends her days pursuing her career as a writer for Rael Brook Shirts UK, a menswear retailer from Manchester providing quality shirts, in a range of colors and fabrics, to men all around the world. When she isn’t writing, you can find her jamming with her ukulele and writing some cool tunes.