SurgeTrader Review and Its Leverage

One of Surgetrader drawbacks that its customers and we have noticed is that its leverage is not among the highest. For instance, the maximum leverage level is placed at 10:1 for Forex, metals, oils, and indices, while it is decreased to a minimum of 5:1 for stocks, and it is set at a maximum of 2:1 for cryptocurrencies, which require the lowest degree of leverage. But before starting the trade you should check out the Surgetrader review.

These trading terms provided by SurgeTrader, at least in the context of leverage, are justified on the grounds that trading with high leverage is unproductive in that it increases risk while attempting to achieve much bigger returns. And this atmosphere has an impact on both the trader and the corporation since it puts the trade under more psychological strain and exposes the company, which is responsible for covering losses, to more risk.

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As we already indicated, SurgeTrader provides its services through Eightcap broker, which only permits trading with the Eightcap MT4 & Eightcap MT5 platforms, which are essentially Meta Trader 4 & Meta Trader 5 platforms customized for this specific broker.

Since they are extremely reliable trading terminals that have undergone extensive evolution, as you are surely aware, these platforms are among the most well-known and adored in the trading community.

Now, the platforms described above are for order execution, but SurgeTrader offers a web portal where you can access your trading information, including, among other things, the progress toward your profit target, the maximum drawdown, equity, and balance.

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Scaling scheme

SurgeTrader Review has created a scaling plan that enables any trader who appears to be able an account of between $25,000 & $250,000 to climb to a higher rung in which they will acquire at least double the buying power & consequently potentially higher profits. This plan was created to inspire its traders to work toward greater profits.

You will have the option to move up to the next higher account if, after passing the audition, you reach the 10% profit goal. For instance, traders with the smallest account size ($25,000) can scale it up to four times to have an account with a beginning value of $500,000. It is significant to highlight that, in this case, the trading guidelines and conditions will remain the same but with increased purchasing power.

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Once you have successfully completed the audition procedure, you will receive an email within 24 to 48 hours containing your new live account details and instructions on how to access your funded trading account.

Once you pass the understudy, you will move to a funded trading system with a real balance provided by the SurgeTrader prop firm. All account holders in the SurgeTrader audition process are promo accounts with a virtual balance. You’ll be able to begin earning money at this point, which you may then choose to withdraw. It’s the best prop trading firms.


Surge Trader’s terms are transparent, particularly the profit split, which is among the finest when compared to other prop trading companies.

With this corporation, you can collect 75% of the income made without taking any risks because the business would cover any losses.


You can take your gains at any moment for the first withdrawal; but, after that, you must wait at least 30 days or once a month before making another withdrawal request.

You can use PayPal and Visa/MasterCard debit cards as an electronic payment method to pay for the audition, but only bank transfers are an option for withdrawals. The quantity of prizes that can be request is restriction.


This prop firm’s lack of educational resources for its traders is one of its drawbacks, in our opinion. Although as a tool, we can point out that you may ask for a free trial by emailing, so you can become comfortable with their platforms, trading guidelines, and get a taste of what it’s like to trade with SurgeTrader. Like a demo account, it enables traders to put their trading abilities and strategies into practise.

This program is effective and prognostic, since there is a good probability that you will succeed in the SurgeTrader Review Audition if you complete the free trial successfully.