Top 15 Interior Designing Companies in Kerala

Kerala has seen a gush of trendy interior designs during the last two decades. Interior designers, decorators, and architects now call it home. Finding a home interior designer in Kochi or anywhere in Kerala who is right for your project, however, is a huge challenge. So, in this article, we’ve listed the top 15 interior designing companies in Kerala to make your job easier. These interior designers are knowledgeable and well-known for their abilities and accomplishments in creating a home that is a joy to live in!

Lemon Interior Designers

Lemon Interior Designers is a well-known interior design firm in Kochi. They’ve been providing clients across the state with one-of-a-kind and gorgeous interior designs since 2012. The interior designers in Kochi, Lemon Interior Designers, are highly creative and experienced. They offer bespoke interior design services for home interiors, flat interiors, modular kitchen and living room designs, and workplace interior designs, among other things.

They offer soothing bedroom interior ideas, effective modular kitchens, engaging kid’s room designs, and stunning living spaces with the right colour scheme and lighting.

Judson Associates Pvt. Ltd.

Judson Associates in Ernakulam has completed over 1000 major and small projects in the past, all of which have gotten excellent reviews and praise from several famous builders and other real estate-related organisations. The team is made up of real estate experts who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the area. Each of these company’s projects features avant-garde interior designs that are extravagant, flamboyant, and one-of-a-kind.

Allegra Interior Designers

Allegra Designs, recognised as one of the most well-known interior designers in Kochi, Kerala, offers high-quality, modern interior design solutions for homes and offices. They offer the greatest amount of creative customisation while also fitting and adapting to your budget. Allegra Designs is a team of designers who specialise in fusing creativity and personalization to create the ideal environment for your needs.

Rak Interiors

RAK Interiors is the greatest home, office and kitchen interior designer in Kochi. Exquisite art collaborates with immaculate design to create a lovely living area or commercial place. They are professionals at merging the two to give you exactly what you want. Their staff works with clients in small groups to design a home that meets their needs and desires.

VC Interiors

VC Interiors is an immersive design and furnishing firm based in Trivandrum that is driven by innovation and connection. V Club Private Limited has a subsidiary in Kerala called VC Interiors Designs. A devoted and professional team of architects, interior designers, furniture designers, and contractors are ready to tackle any issues that may emerge during the process of designing your ideal home.

Build Art Interiors

Build Art is a well-known organisation in the disciplines of architectural design, interior design and installation work for flats and villas in Trivandrum, Kerala. They ensure that cutting-edge technology is used throughout the process, from concept to design to the final product. They ensure that all of your building needs are met, including 3D Viualization, Interior Visualization, Space Planning, and even legal requirements.

Bluebox Architects & Urban Planner

Bluebox Architects is a multidisciplinary architecture, interior design, landscaping, and urban planning business. They works on projects ranging from luxury villas to high-end apartments and innovative offices, as well as hospitality and institutional projects. They re-connects architecture with nature, making the best use of space, natural materials, lighting, and landscape to rethink and alter living spaces.

D’Life Interior Designers 

D’Life Interior is one of South India’s most dependable interior design firms. Bangalore, Kerala, Chennai, and Coimbatore are the four regions where it maintains offices. D’Life is a competent and cutting-edge interior design firm that can execute 100 projects every month. It follows a methodical procedure and assures that the job is of high quality. They apply their extensive experience and creativity to design and construct wonderful living spaces in apartments, villas, and other structures that will delight your family and visitors.

Arena Interiors

Arena Interiors, a full-service interior designer and turnkey contractor, is one of Kochi’s most well-known interior designers, specialising in residential and office space interior design and renovation. This is a new and vibrant company that offers interior design solutions for every imaginable situation.

Pencil Plus Interiors & Exteriors

Pencil Plus Interiors is a well-known interior design firm that specialises in residential and commercial space design, as well as 3D visualisation services. Their primary service offerings are attractive and functional interior design solutions for both residential and commercial interior spaces.


DeConcept is a Kerala-based architectural interior design firm that works with the goal of creating the ideal atmosphere for its clients. Its unique interior design and products resulting in wonderfully designed structures and interiors within restrictive budgets.

St. Mary’s Interior Designers & Modular Kitchen

St. Mary’s Interiors, based in the city centre of Kottayam, has acquired a reputation as one of Kerala’s most dependable interior designers throughout the years. The company’s driving philosophy has been its devotion to the principle of delivering maximum client happiness and craft perfection. The firm employs a group of artistically motivated designers that demonstrate a seamless blend of creativity and professionalism.

Aries International Interior

Aries Interiors and Architects are well-known interior design firm in Kochi. They provides exceptional design solutions for single-family homes, villas, apartments, and offices. The company proceeds with its interior design projects only after a thorough examination of its clients’ ideas and preferences. The company’s designers demonstrate their experience and suit the customer’s expectations whether they are creating the interior of a home, villa, or commercial and office spaces.

Gazella Interiors

Gazella Interiors has earned a reputation as one of Trivandrum’s greatest interior designers throughout the years. They are based in Kerala’s capital city and have completed numerous interior design projects for households, offices, malls, and hospitals. They take pride to match architectural thoughts and ideas with clients’ to provide complete customer satisfaction in all their projects.

Monnaie Architects & Interior Designers

Monnaie Architects and Interiors is one of the best home designers and architects in Kochi, Kerala. They have a record of over 800 successful projects across South India. The organisation provides all of the services needed to finish a property in the most imaginative way feasible. Their designs, whether in architecture or interior design, reflect quality, aesthetics, and innovation.


To summarise, God’s own country has a plethora of house interior designers, decorators, stylists, and architects that have changed the state into one of India’s most wealthy and attractive cities. Furthermore, the top 15 interior designing companies in kerala listed above are well-known in and around Kerala. These top 15 interior designing companies in Kerala are noted for their great designs and work ethics. For residential, commercial, institutional, and turnkey projects, you can choose from any of them. We hope you find this article to be both helpful and useful.