VW’s Top Free Woo Commerce WordPress Themes!


With the growth of E-Commerce in the past decade, so many companies have launched their online stores to sell their products and services online. They need a productive, fully functional website to enable them to do so. Use our free Woo Commerce WordPress themes if you are setting up an online store on a low budget.
The free Woo Commerce WordPress themes are free themes compatible with a third-party plugin, Woo Commerce, which enables the online selling of products.
Woo Commerce is a product built by WordPress and is an open-source E-Commerce platform. This hugely popular plugin is free and easily customizable for your brand and the product or service you sell. Its advanced features make it the most used E-Commerce platform on the internet.
VW’s Woo Commerce WordPress themes are completely compatible with Woo Commerce. Therefore, they can utilize all of Woo Commerce’s incredible features to easily sell their products online and earn revenue without any hassle.

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How is it Better Than its Competitors?

VW has dedicated web designing and development services that have satisfied national and international clients of various economic sectors. Our team has only the best, most creative, and most intuitive web developers who put in a lot of time and effort while developing a WordPress theme. Our ultimate goal is to create professional, Best WordPress Themes which any novice can use to create a professional-looking, functional website within minutes.
VW’s Free Woo Commerce WordPress themes are the most professional-looking, beautiful, fully functional themes compatible with Woo Commerce. As these themes are easily modifiable, they are suited for use by any organization which intends to set up an online store for their products and services.
Check Out Our Free Woo Commerce WordPress Themes for Selling All Kinds of Products and Services:

VW EBook Store:

The VW EBook Store is a free WordPress theme and amongst the bestselling free Woo Commerce WordPress themes. This theme has an amazing minimal design and a crisp layout. Its design and layout are ideal for setting up an online bookstore. Its layout encompasses large banners and sliders, which enhance the beauty of the website and are simultaneously useful for placing navigation links and useful widgets. This free WordPress theme is integrated with Woo Commerce and instantly supports you in setting up your online store.
This theme will boost your website traffic and improve your brand’s scalability. It is easy to customize the theme’s logo, tagline, content, font, and colors using the simple theme customizer. Its full-width slider can hold u to 4 slides, and the layout has 4 template pages, including the homepage. The design is responsive on all devices and compatible with all major browsers.

Free Storefront WordPress Theme:

The free Storefront WordPress theme lives up to its name and has a design and layout that helps you list your brand’s products or services and create an online marketplace. The theme has robust, secure code that renders a stunning online shopping website. As the layout has well-structured sections, a slider, and page templates, all you need to worry about is the content. You can use the easy customizer to upload your brand logo and modify the content.
Besides being integrated with Woo Commerce, the theme also supports other third-party plugins, which makes your website more productive and gives it more functionality. The theme also has thorough documentation to support users in installing and using the theme. Last but not least, the theme is responsive and RTL translatable, which is a great tool for building international clients. Need help with something? So start immediately and use this well-crafted theme to create your brand’s online presence.

Free Ecommerce WordPress theme:

You can be a seller of any product or service and be able to use the free eCommerce WordPress theme for your website. This is the main feature of this free Woo Commerce WordPress theme- its multipurpose nature. The design’s colors, font, and layout make a very compelling and attractive website. Multiple layouts, customizable sections, and custom widgets help you create a powerful website cum online store for your brand. Being Woo Commerce compatible, selling products online cannot get easier.
The theme has been tested for responsiveness on all devices and has surpassed all standards. Moreover, being cross-browser compatible and RTL translatable, this theme is an excellent choice for any brand looking to launch its online store at practically no cost.

Free WordPress Ecommerce Theme:

If you are a clothing apparel brand, a jewelry shop, a furniture store, or a fashion accessory store, the free WordPress eCommerce theme would be a good choice for your online store. This theme has a free Woo Commerce WordPress design and a well-structured layout. The layout has multiple styles, a full-width slider, options for sidebars, and relevant page templates. Using the easy theme customizer, you can edit the theme’s layout, font, color, and content and upload your brand’s logo.
The theme has useful call-to-action buttons which convert leads to sales and helps fulfill the website’s purpose. Supported by the Bootstrap framework, the theme is fully responsive on all devices, is translation ready, and has optimized codes that help rank your website higher in SERPs. Although the theme is free, it has nothing less than premium features as it is also compatible with Woo Commerce and has all the features of Woo Commerce.

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Factory Lite WordPress Theme:

The Factory Lite WordPress Theme is a classic example of a Construction WordPress theme. The design has elements relevant to construction works in its header image. The layout is beautifully finished, smooth and stylish, with little to no effort required by the user. While using the free version of the theme, the user can customize the layout colors, logo, and fonts. However, suppose you want this theme to perform more productively for your business. In that case, you can upgrade to the premium version, which has a layout with unlimited slides, six template pages, and 1 homepage, besides a contact page. The premium version allows the user to make any extent of change to the theme using the easy drag-and-drop tool. If your business is similar to the theme, you can also import demo data for the page templates and reduce the hassle to create new content.

Free Grocery WordPress Theme:

Post-Covid 19, Ecommerce has witnessed a new era- more people now buy their groceries online than from the supermarket. Numerous supermarkets are now setting up online stores to cater to their customer base. Are you also a grocer or a vendor? You, too, can set up your grocery store online and stand out amongst your competition by using VW’s Free Grocery WordPress Theme.
The theme’s design and layout result from extensive and smart coding, which aims to build a grocery store online within minutes. It’s specific to this online shopping niche and is ideal for this segment of traders. Being integrated with Woo Commerce, this theme greatly reduces your hassles of setting up an online shopping platform. Moreover, it’s highly customizable, and you can upload your brand logo, change colors and choose fonts from Google Font Awesome to make your website more personalized.

Free Kids Store WordPress Theme:

It is not easy to impress kids; the same applies to their parents. To set up a successful kid’s store for your children’s clothing brand, toy store, or any other relevant business, you need to choose an attractive and efficient theme. The Free Kids Store WordPress theme has a chic and cool design and a block-editable layout. The layout has a minimal and clutter-free style and displays content neatly. As it is responsive on all devices, the resolution of the layout is flexible and adjusts automatically according to the screen size.
The free version of this theme also supports customization regarding font style, colors, and logo changes. Moreover, as this theme’s coding is SEO-friendly, it guarantees more website traffic by ranking your website higher in SERPs. This can improve your brand’s reputation and awareness amongst existing and prospective customers.

Free Feminine WordPress Theme:

This free Woo Commerce WordPress theme is exclusively designed to cater to the feminine segment of products and services. You can either be a feminine clothing brand, jewelry store, or even a woman blogger- the free feminine WordPress theme would be the perfect choice for your brand’s website. The theme is compatible with Woo Commerce and supports translation, thus positively impacting your client engagement worldwide. The design has a soft and sweet touch, while the layout is smart and customizable.
To further build your brand’s reputation and online space, you can use the theme customized to work with other colors and fonts as per your need. Supported by the Bootstrap network, this theme is secure and optimized to protect your website’s content from malware and viruses.


VW’s set of Free Woo Commerce WordPress themes are undoubtedly efficient, easy to use, customizable, and generate positive results for the brand. All these themes can access all the features of the Woo Commerce plugin, such as customized shipping options, choice of payment method, scalable platform, SEO advantage, and increased revenue using an optimized shopping cart experience.
One can use the free version of these themes to test their effectiveness and easy interface. Upon achieving the product’s satisfaction, upgrade to the premium version to explore more advanced functions and experience timely customer support and priority troubleshooting.

WordPress Theme Bundle:

VW’s Free Woo Commerce WordPress themes are a part of VW’s WordPress Theme Bundle. By purchasing the WordPress theme bundle, you can have unlimited access to all of VW’s WordPress themes, each belonging to a different genre and niche. This is a useful feature for those who wish to create multiple websites for multiple purposes. So buy the WordPress theme bundle and experience access to a plethora of WordPress themes designed by care and love to move your brand to the next level.