What Makes Cardboard Sleeve Boxes So Successful 

The cardboard sleeve boxes are among the most stylish and yet the simplest of box designs in the entire packaging market. Their simple, protective, customizable, and presentable design makes them one of the favorites of various industries ranging from tiny jewelry items, and sweets to the branded watches and perfumes. 

The Structure of Cardboard Sleeve Boxes

The cardboard sleeve boxes have a fairly simple, attractive, and practical design. They have a closed, durable base which actually carries the product. To provide a cover for that box, a sleeve wrapping around the box slides smoothly over it to open and close the box. In short, a sleeve box on a whole gives you the same structure as that of a drawer. They have a container and a sleeve. It can further be given different looks with the help of customization in design. For example, these boxes also come with windows and you can add handles to these boxes as well.

The Advantages Offered by Sleeve Boxes

The sleeve boxes are among those boxes which offer the highest level of practicality and feasibility. They offer a huge range of benefits for almost everyone and are among the most versatile packaging boxes. Here are just a few of the advantages offered by the sleeve boxes.

  • The design of sleeve boxes is among the most protective packaging boxes. The sleeve that wraps around the main container protects the product completely against any pollutants. Besides, the main container is mostly made with reinforced cardboard and is highly sturdy. This is especially helpful for the online businesses who have to send their products to far off customers and they face the challenges of rough handling and other transit related problems.
  • The success of the sleeve boxes mainly lies in the simplicity of their design. This simple structure renders them highly useful for a wider range of product types. Ranging from a keychain, chocolates, and sweets to a perfume, the sleeve boxes can hold virtually anything and everything. 
  • These boxes have an easy, simple, and hassle free opening and closing mechanism. You just need to smoothly slide the sleeve to open and close the container. 
  • The cardboard sleeve boxes are also cost effective and relatively cheaper. These aren’t very heavy on your pocket.
  • Since the sleeve boxes are mostly made with eco-friendly stock, they are a preferred option. These are mostly made using cardboard, biodegradable kraft and recycled stock. Besides, they can be recycled or reused. Hence, sleeve boxes are an eco-friendly packaging option.

Customization of Sleeve Boxes

One of the biggest advantages associated with the sleeve boxes is that you can fully customize them both in printing and design.

The sleeve boxes support all sorts of custom printing. The wide, plain panel of the sliding sleeve offers a blank canvas. You can print your logo and company name along with your brand’s specific graphics and colors on the sleeve in any way you like. The advanced printing options are also fully supported by the cardboard sleeve boxes for an extra unique look.

Besides, the customization in box design has no limits when it comes to sleeve boxes. For example, you can add windows to your boxes. Windows help in making the product more alluring and readily visible to the customer. It enhances the chances of sale manifold as compared to the chances of sale associated with the window-less boxes. This also ensures lesser need for physical touch to the product because the product is readily visible.  Enhances the product’s life and protects it against damage and wear.

You can also customize the handle for the sleeve boxes for ease of opening. For example, a small ribbon can be attached to one side of the container. The box can then be easily opened by pulling the ribbon while it also adds to the beauty of the sleeve box. Or else, you can go for a tiny knob instead of a ribbon. The options here are limitless. 

Moreover, the sleeve boxes make exquisite gift boxes. You can beautify them in numerous ways to make them very presentable in custom printed boxes. They can carry sweets, chocolates, watches, ties, branded scents, and a lot more. They can be beautifully decorated with ribbons, bows, laces and other features to make your loved ones feel special. 

Sleeve boxes also serve as presentable favor boxes for special occasions. For example, they can be used as Christmas boxes or as favor boxes on weddings and birthdays to make the occasion memorable for the guests. 

In short, an already feasible and alluring structure of sleeve boxes can further be beautified and made well suited to your needs by customizing these boxes in any way you like. These are being offered by box manufacturing companies and all sizes and a huge variety or personalization options.